Products/ Services

Tailor-made color and additive masterbatches for a wide range of different polymers. We serve customers in all polymer processing technologies: including blow molding, profile and sheet extrusion, injection molding, film, and fibers.

Our core business is color masterbatch and precoloring of polymers. We also produce additives such as UV-protection, slip, antiblock, antistat, anti-fogging, and blowing agents. Unicolor product range also covers multi-functional masterbatches and masterbatches with a PVC carrier. We can also offer White and Black masterbatches

Compounding and colorization are carried out in accordance with our customer’s specifications.

New color matching is made from sample chips or granules provided by the customer or by using RAL, NCS, PMS matching systems. The masterbatch is provided on a specific carrier of choice, e.g. EVA, PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, or PC.

Alternatively, a universal carrier can be used allowing the use in many different polymers.

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